Terrorist armed to teeth neutralized in Hebron

The terrorist, while determined, proved ineffective, despite carrying numerous weaponry.

By World Israel News Staff

It was the ninth attack in the last few days in Judea and Samaria. However, the way it was carried out was unusual.

This time, the terrorist was armed with a gun, a knife and explosives. Typically, an attacker has one of the three, or none, using his vehicle to ram soldiers or civilians.

The terrorist, while determined, proved ineffective, despite being armed to the teeth.

The terrorist approached a checkpoint at Gross Square in Hebron on Tuesday morning, hoping to kill as many Israeli soldiers as possible.

He first tried to shoot at the soldiers but the locally made “Carlo” type weapon malfunctioned and he wasn’t able to clear the jam.

He then proceeded on foot toward the soldiers and attempted to throw an explosive. When he tried to operate it, it blew up in his hand. Nevertheless, he continued running toward the soldiers, who were from the Givati brigade. The soldiers fired at the terrorist, killing him.

The terrorist was later identified as Islam Zahida, a former prisoner from Hebron.

The attack took place on the first “Day of Rage” and strike declared by Palestinian authorities in Judea and Samaria in solidarity with Arab-Israelis, who also called for a general strike on Tuesday.

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Israel faces unrest on several fronts since Arab riots began in Jerusalem at the start of Ramadan in mid-April, escalating into a confrontation with Hamas in Gaza and then spreading to the Arab population within Israel and, most recently, to Palestinians in Judea and Samaria.