Terrorist who slaughtered 3 family members convicted

Omar al-Abed, who slaughtered three members of the Salomon family, was convicted of three counts of murder.

By: World Israel News Staff

Omar al-Abed, the 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who slaughtered three members of one family in July during their Shabbat dinner, was convicted of three counts of murder in an Israeli military court on Wednesday.

The court also convicted al-Abed of two counts of attempted murder, one count of incitement to terrorism and other offenses.

Abed broke into the family home in Halamish, aka Neve Tsuf, a Jewish community in Samaria, and stabbed 70-year-old Yossi Salamon, his son Elad, 36, and his daughter Chaya, 46; Yossi’s wife Tova, 68, was seriously wounded. The extended family was there to celebrate the birth of a new grandchild. When the attack occurred, they were awaiting the arrival of their first guests.

Elad’s wife and five children escaped upstairs until a neighbor, an off-duty IDF soldier who heard the screams, shot and neutralized the terrorist.

The prosecution has demanded that he be sentenced to four life terms in prison. He will be sentenced at a later date.

Al-Abed reportedly sat throughout the session with a broad smile on his face, while the victims’ family sat in tears.

Victims demand death penalty

Many voiced opposition to the prosecution seeking only a prison term, stating they believed the terrorist should be sentenced to death.

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“We feel like we’ve been played. Both the prime minister and the defense minister came to the Shiva [seven-day mourning period] and repeated over and over that they will demand the death penalty. In reality, it was just talk. They didn’t do anything. They don’t really want it,” the Salomon family stated.

The Almagor Terror Victims Association demanded that Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman halt the trial and order the military prosecution to demand the death sentence, which is applicable according to military law enacted in Judea and Samaria.

Zionist NGO Im Tirtzu Chairman Matan Peleg, whose organization has been assisting the Choosing Life Forum of bereaved families, stated that “the only way to curb the ongoing terror threat facing Israel is by creating true deterrence that will convince potential terrorists that they have more to lose than to gain. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the death penalty for convicted terrorists, facilitate the expulsion of their families to Gaza and greenlight home demolitions.”

“In addition,” continued Peleg, “there is a need to reduce the lavish benefits that terrorists enjoy in Israeli jails. Only then do we have a chance of stopping this rampant industry of murder.”

Minister calls for expulsion of terrorist’s family

Deputy Minister of Defense Eli Ben Dahan demanded that the terrorist’s family be expatriated from the country, or at least moved to another location within Judea and Samaria. “Such a move would serve as a clear deterrence for other potential terrorists,” he stated.

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“It’s time for the death penalty for terrorists,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the bereaved family during a condolence visit after the attack.

The death penalty “is anchored in law. We need here unanimity among the judges, but they also want to know the government’s position. And my position as prime minister, in this case, of such a despicable murderer, is that you must execute him,” Netanyahu stated.

The terrorist “should not smile anymore,” he added.