Terrorists release savage rocket attack in reprisal for IDF killing of senior commander

Rockets rain down on Israel. Sirens sound as Gaza terrorists respond with violence at the death of the terror chieftain.

By World Israel News Staff

Sirens sounded across Israel’s southern towns and cities on Tuesday morning as incoming rockets descended from the Gaza Strip. Terrorists launched the rockets on civilian areas in response to the targeted killing of Islamic Jihad senior commander Baha Abu Al Ata.

Approximately 50 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel as of 9:10 a.m., the IDF reports. The Iron Dome system intercepted approximately 20 of them.

Alerts went off as far north as Tel Aviv as terrorists expressed their rage at the the loss of the terror chief.

The IDF operation to assassinate Al Ata was extremely skillful. reportedly targeting not just the building where Al Ata was staying, but the very room he was in. The Army’s goal was to avoid civilian casualties.

“Over the last week, we have been waiting for the opportune moment to conduct the surgical strike,” IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus said.

Islamic Jihad reports that his wife and children were also killed in the attack.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the decision to kill the Islamic Jihad commander was made on Sunday by the cabinet.

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“Senior Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu Al Ata was targeted overnight in Gaza. He was responsible for many terrorist attacks and the firing of rockets at Israel in recent months and had intended to carry out imminent attacks,” Netanyahu’s office tweeted.

“The IDF action was recommended by the IDF Chief-of-Staff and ISA Director and was approved by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister after it had been presented to – and approved by – the Security Cabinet.”