Texas demonstrators cheer October 7th massacre

Pro-Hamas demonstrators rally in Houston to salute intifada and the October 7th invasion.

By World Israel News Staff

Anti-Israel protesters rallied in Houston last Friday in support of the October 7th invasion and a new intifada against Israel.

The gathering was one of several held in Houston to mark Al Quds Day – an annual event first organized during the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 on the last Friday of Ramadan – and one of many such demonstrations worldwide.

Dozens of pro-Hamas activists gathered for the Houston event around a banner which referenced the October 7th invasion, reading: “The flood of the free will liberate Al-Quds.”

The October 7th invasion was code named “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” while the banner also references Islamist calls to conquer Jerusalem, known in Arabic as “Al-Quds.”

During the demonstration, participants chanted “Israel, Israel, racist state,” and “Flood of Aqsa, Flood of Aqsa,” praising the October 7th invasion.

Other slogans featured at the rally included: “On the streets we will flood, honoring the martyrs’ blood.”

“This annual event comes on the backdrop of the Al-Aqsa Flood from October 7th, which effectively exposed the fallacy of the Zionist security and intelligence,” one speaker at the rally said, lauding Hamas and the October 7th atrocities for creating a “new path for freedom.”

Many demonstrators wore t-shirts which read “Flood of the free.”

At least three of the demonstrators were arrested, the Houston branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation wrote on Instagram.

“The police treated protestors with brutality and three of our comrades were unjustly arrested by the cops who have simply grown tired of our continued resistance week after week, month after month.”

“There is no slowing. The momentum is in our favor. Israel is backed into a corner. We fight harder than we ever have! FREE FREE PALESTINE!”

An additional protest was later held outside of the police station where the three activists were held, before they were released after a six-hour detention.