Texas synagogue terrorist’s final words revealed

A recording was obtained by the London-based Jewish Chronicle, which reported that the hostage-taker’s brother tried to persuade him to surrender.

By The Algemeiner

The Islamist terrorist who took four people hostage at a Texas synagogue last Saturday before being shot by FBI agents made a final phone call to his family littered with antisemitic invective.

British citizen Malik Faisal Akram told his brother Gulbar, “I’ve asked Allah for this death, Allah is with me, I’m not worried in the slightest.”

Akram ranted about US foreign policy, asking, “Why do these f***ing motherf***ers come to our countries, rape our women and f*** our kids?”

He continued: “I’m setting a precedent … maybe they’ll have compassion for f***ing Jews.”

A recording of the eleven-and-a-half minute phone call was obtained by the London-based Jewish Chronicle, which reported that Gulbar tried to persuade his brother to surrender as he spoke to him from a police station in his hometown of Blackburn, in the north of England.

Malik’s responses suggested there was little prospect of the standoff at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville ending peacefully.

He repeatedly demanded the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani national known as the “Lady of Al Qaeda” who is imprisoned for 86 years in the US.

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When Gulbar told his brother that the US would not release Siddiqui, he replied: “Who gives a f***, listen to me. Allah is with me. I’m not worried in the slightest, I don’t even flinch, man.”

The audio ended shortly before the hostages escaped from the synagogue and Akram died in a hail of bullets fired by an FBI SWAT team. His final words were: “I’m going.”