The idiotic college students who want to end Israel

College students find the terror group Hamas, ‘the resistance’ that showed its mettle on October 7, thoroughly admirable.

By Hugh Fitzgerald, Frontpage Magazine

These campus nitwits and stormtroopers in posse endlessly chant their dislike — no, their hatred — for the tiny Jewish state, and their hope for its disappearance, with its Jewish population expelled or killed, so that it may be replaced by a twenty-third Arab state “from the river to the sea.” On the other hand, they find the terror group Hamas, “the resistance” that showed its mettle on October 7, thoroughly admirable.

Here are a few snapshots of the latest demonstrations, which on some campuses are now a monthly or even a weekly affair.

At Stanford, you can see the “Sit-In To Stop Genocide” here:

No one in the Stanford crowd seems to have any problem with describing the war in Gaza as a “genocide,” even though we know that, in order to save civilian lives, the IDF has used every possible means to warn people to leave areas, and to notify civilians to get away from individual buildings that are about to be targeted.

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It has dropped millions of leaflets, sent millions of pre-recorded messages, and made 79,000 phone calls. And if Israel were intent on committing a “genocide” of the Gazans, why is the sister of Yahya Sinwar now being treated in an Israeli hospital?

At Harvard, a black student harangues his audience here:

He repeats again and again that “there is no black liberation without Palestinian liberation.” And he insists that “there cannot be freedom anywhere as long as Palestine is not free.” He reminds his audience that he is a “history major,” which, I presume, is supposed to testify to the breadth and depth of his knowledge.

I wonder what that black student thinks of the hundreds of thousands of black Africans who are now being held as slaves by Arab masters in Niger, Mali, and Mauritania?

I suspect he thinks nothing because he has never heard a word about those slaves. And if he did hear about Arab slave masters and their black slaves, he would dismiss it as a fiction promoted by “Zionist propagandists.”

At Columbia, students chant “We don’t want two states. We want all of it” Here:

In their most recent demonstration, the Columbia students poured fake blood on the snow in the middle of the campus — meant to represent, of course, not the blood shed by Israeli victims of Hamas’ atrocities on October 7, but rather, the blood of the innocent civilians who, we are expected to believe, were being deliberately murdered by the IDF in Gaza.

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Fortunately, universities have girded their loins and are one by one showing that they are prepared to face down the pro-Hamas protesters.

MIT is the latest in a growing list of schools that are cracking down on pro-Palestinian student organizations, citing similar grounds. The MIT student group that was suspended is Coalition Against Apartheid – an offshoot of the better-known Students for Justice in Palestine.

Columbia has banned two pro-Palestinian groups. So has George Washington University. Brandeis University has permanently suspended all pro-Palestinian groups on campus.

A congressional investigation into antisemitism on American campuses, obviously prompted by the hideous spectacle of these menacing pro-Palestinian groups, has now begun. Things are looking up.