‘The missile lay on the floor unexploded,’ says homeowner after direct hit by Gaza rocket

The father was home alone when a rocket directly hit the house but did not explode during a missile barrage from Gaza Monday night.

By World Israel News Staff

After 9 p.m. on Monday night, a barrage of rockets was fired towards southern Israel from the Gaza Strip. One of them hit the home of Shlomo Moskowitz in the town of Sderot.

Residents of the town have been at the receiving end of many attacks over the years, and Moskowitz recalled a rocket that had landed nearby in a previous conflict, which damaged his own home.

But this time, his house sustained a direct hit.

Thankfully, he was home alone and the rocket did not explode.

“I was sitting in the living room,” he says of the attack on his home. “I heard the red alert [siren] and immediately ran to the [armored] safe room. Suddenly, there was a powerful boom.”

He says that he waited for several minutes before leaving the safe room, as per the instructions of the IDF Home Front Command.

“I came out to the living room. I see the whole living room engulfed in smoke,” he described afterward.

“I went up to the second floor,” he continued, “walked into my son’s room and it was destroyed.”

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It could have been worse.

He says that as he searched the home, he suddenly saw “the missile lying on the floor unexploded.”

Moskowitz says he called the police and that security forces arrived en masse.

“We are strong,” he said. “We have no other land; we will continue to be here. No one can break us,” he insisted.