‘This is not Oslo 2.0, calm down,’ says Yemina’s Nir Orbach

“There’s no disengagement plan here, there’s no Oslo disaster,” said MK Nir Orbach.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Yemina MK Nir Orbach, who is under intense pressure by right-wing politicians to vote against the so-called change government, spoke to protesters outside his home on Saturday evening and said that the situation was not as dire as they believe.

“I’m telling you this, with responsibility, because none of us are sleeping at night,” he said to the crowd in a cell phone video published by Channel 12 News. “First of all, let’s calm down.”

Referring to the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza and the 1994 Oslo Accords, Orbach said, “There’s no disengagement plan here, there’s no Oslo disaster…this is a very complicated and difficult decision, but let’s calm down, because it’s not just me [setting an example] for Am Yisrael (Nation of Israel), it’s also you [protesters.]

“Friends, thanks for everything you’re doing,” he said, although it was unclear if he was addressing the protesters or the police officers at the scene.

“With your permission, I’m going to rest a little bit, so I can make the right decision tomorrow.”

As Orbach walked back towards his house, the protesters yelled, “There’s God in heaven and he’s watching you” and “Woe to someone who doesn’t listen to his rabbis.”

Orbach is close with the leader of the Religious Zionism movement, Rabbi Haim Druckman and allegedly called him for advice hours before Yair Lapid of the Yesh Atid party announced that he had formed a government.

Druckman recently signed an open letter calling on the public to do “everything possible’ to stop the so-called change government.

Orbach has not yet publicly said that he will vote along with his party for the new government. He floated the idea that he may resign, clearing the way for the next Yemina MK on the list, Shirley Pinto, who has repeatedly said she will vote for the new government.

But right-wing activists have called on Orbach to vote against the government rather than resign. Rebel Yemina MK Amichai Chikli has pledged to vote against the new government. If Orbach followed suit, the coalition would lose its razor-thin 61-59 majority.

Protesters have gathered outside of Orbach’s Petah Tikvah home for the last few days, calling on him to vote against the government.

An official announcement from Orbach on whether he will resign or vote for the new government is expected on Sunday.