‘Together, we will succeed’: NATO military commander visits Israel

The meeting focused on regional threats and the cooperation between the IDF and NATO.


The chairman of the military committee of the NATO alliance, Admiral Rob Bauer of the Royal Netherlands Navy, visited Israel last week as the official guest of the IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi.

The Admiral met with the Chief of Staff and participated in security, intelligence and strategic panels, which dealt with threats to the region and the significant cooperation between the IDF and NATO.

Also participating were the head of the Strategy and Third Circuit Division, the head of the Operations Division, the head of the Space Division, the head of the Research Division in the Intelligence Division and other senior officials.

“The strategic partnership between the IDF and NATO is a basis for regional stability in the Middle East. The significant cooperation leads to many operational successes,” Halevi said.

“The cooperation between NATO and the State of Israel has a direct effect on regional stability in Europe and the Middle East; in the last year the cooperation has been increasing,” said Admiral Bauer. “Together, we will succeed in overcoming many security challenges.”