Top Hamas sniper killed in IDF airstrike

Squad commander in elite Hamas terror unit that led October 7th invasion and participated in massacres killed by IDF airstrike.

By World Israel News Staff

A high-profile Hamas terrorist who participated in the invasion of southwest Israel on October 7th and was involved in the subsequent massacres was killed in an Israeli airstrike on Thursday.

The Israeli military announced Thursday that Ahmed Hassan Salame Alsauarka was eliminated in an airstrike carried out in the Beit Hanoun area of northern Gaza.

The targeted killing was the result of intelligence work conducted by the IDF and the Shin Bet internal security agency.

Alsauarka had been the commander of a squad in Hamas’ elite Nukhba Force, the terror group’s commando unit which led the initial attacks on Israeli border positions on October 7th, and conducted massacres of Israelis as Hamas forces overran nearby towns.

In addition to his activities on October 7th, Alsauarka was known to have served as a sniper, and engaged in combat with Israeli security personnel repeatedly following Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip.

At least one Israeli fatality, Cpt. Yisrael Yudkin – who was shot dead in May – has been confirmed as being the result of Alsauarka’s sniper fire.

After extensive efforts to locate Alsauarka IDF forces managed to determine his position Thursday.

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The airstrike caused no civilian casualties, the Israeli military emphasized.

The army also said that ground operations in the central Gaza Strip are continuing, noting that a Hamas mortar position was destroyed by a combination airstrike and artillery barrage.

In addition, a pair of Hamas terrorists armed with an Iron Sting 120 mm guided mortar were spotted and hit by an Israeli airstrike.