Top Hamas commander killed by Israeli airstrike

Commander of Hamas military wing, Ayman Nofal, is the most high-profile terrorist to be eliminated since Hamas invasion.

By World Israel News

The commander of the Hamas terrorist organization’s military wing was killed Tuesday in an Israeli airstrike.

Hamas announced that Ayman Nofal, commander of Hamas’ Izz al-Adin Al-Qassam Brigades, died after an Israeli warplane struck his hiding place in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday afternoon.

According to a statement released by Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency, Nofal was Hamas’ top intelligence officer and was responsible for assigning targets in Israel to Hamas rocket squads firing projectiles into Israeli territory.

The Shin Bet also said Nofal was behind the 2006 terrorist attack inside Israel that left two Israeli soldiers dead and soldier Gilad Shalit in Hamas captivity.

Nofal also is said to have overseen Hamas’ weapons manufacturing operations in the Gaza Strip.

Four Hezbollah terrorists were eliminated Tuesday morning as they attempted to infiltrate across the border from Lebanon into Israel.

An IDF spokesperson said the four were killed in an Israel Air Force airstrike as they attempted to plant a bomb near the Israeli security fence.