Anti-Israel Boycott of Trader Joe’s Backfires as Customers Buy Out Israeli Cheese

“Pastures of Eden” feta cheese is owned by the Tnuva group, the largest dairy producer in Israel.

By World Israel News Staff

Trader Joe’s Israeli made “Pastures of Eden” feta cheese has been on the BDS list for quite some time. BDS has called upon its supporters to boycott the cheese because it is owned by the Tnuva group, the largest dairy producer in Israel.

A Muslim lecturer at UC Berkeley has taken heed to the call by tagging renowned anti-Semite activist Linda Sarsour in his Facebook post which petitions for locals to stop shopping at Trader Joe’s.

“Trader Joe’s is having Israeli Feta on its shelves! One more reason to stop shopping at the store,” Hatem Bazian wrote last week.

Joe Zevuloni, who heads the “Israeli Army of Publicity” organization, took to Facebook on Tuesday to defend the Jewish State’s cheese.

“This Israel-hating anti-Semitic professor from UC Berkeley tagged Linda Sarsour in his post and called on everyone to boycott Trader Joe’s supermarket chain because it sells Israeli feta cheese,” Zevuloni wrote in one post.

“Go to his page and don’t forget to tell him thank-you for the fact that in his merit, we’ll all buy specifically from a brand that sells Israeli products. Tag the Population and Immigration Authority in your comments and help me show him Israel just in Google. Then “like” this post and share, if you’re with me. Am Israel hai (literally: the nation of Israel lives on)!” he wrote in another post.

The call to counter the boycott worked, according to Israeli news site Arutz7. Pro-Israeli customers cleared off the shelves and then moved on to buy other Israeli products.

Zevoluni also shared a video of a store manager at a Florida based Trader Joe’s happily restocking the delicious Israeli made feta cheese.