Trump advisers: Low odds ‘Deal of the Century’ succeeds

Trump’s advisers don’t hold out much hope that the ‘Deal of the Century’ will succeed, Israel Hayom reports.

By World Israel News Staff

Trump’s advisers estimate that the chances of success of the ‘Deal of the Century’ are low, Israel Hayom reports.

Even though Trump’s team has begun a public relations campaign for its Israel-Arab peace deal, with the president’s son-in-law and point-man Jared Kushner offering tantalizing details on Monday about the long-awaited proposal, both he and those working on the deal are pessimistic about its chances of success given Palestinian intransigence, the Israeli daily reports.

Although the Palestinians are expected to be the main stumbling block, having broken off relations with the Trump administration after it moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, it is not the only one.

According to Israel Hayom, the plan faces “fierce opposition from the Evangelical community in the United States,” which opposes pressure on Israel.

In a recent meeting between Trump’s advisers and dozens of church leaders, the Evangelicals made it clear they would fight any move that would endanger Israel. “They made it clear that Trump’s support for Israel was a major reason for their support in the 2016 elections, and that if he changed the approach, it would have a significant impact on their position,” Israel Hayom reported.

“We remain committed to the publication of our peace plan, which we believe will provide both sides with a vision of peace and an opportunity for a better future,” said a senior White House official in response to the paper’s report.

“We feel that our program is fair, realistic and adaptable, but we are not blind to the challenges ahead. If the problem was easy, it would have been resolved long ago. In the end, the parties will have to negotiate a final peace agreement,” he said.