Trump: Jerusalem recognition ‘high point’ of first year in office

Speaking to the Israeli media, the US president confirmed his commitment to support Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to facilitate a peace process with the Palestinians.

By: World Israel News Staff

US President Donald Trump spoke with the Israeli media at the end of this week, focusing on the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump unequivocally stated that he does not regret the decision.

Regardles of negative reaction from Europe and the Arab world, Trump called the announcement the “high point” of his administration’s first year in an interview with Israel Hayom.

“It was very important that I recognized Jerusalem as your beautiful capital city. This was an extremely important decision for many people, who thanked me … . [T]here were others who did not thank me. But it was an extremely important promise – and I fulfilled it,” Trump said.

Trump’s comments alluded to the open hostility with which Palestinian leadership greeted the announcement, in addition to the pushback he received from the United Nations (UN) in the form of a resolution passed condemning the announcement.

“I understand why other presidents failed to keep this promise [to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital]. They were under extraordinary pressure not to do it. All of the other presidents failed to keep this promise, despite the fact that they promised it during their election campaign. But I understand, because there were enormous efforts to prevent them from keeping their promises,” explained Trump.

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Trump continued, “By removing Jerusalem from the negotiating table, I made it clear that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. When it comes to the specific borders, I will support whatever decision the sides reach.”