Trump at the Vatican: ‘We can use peace’

Trump’s trip to the Vatican comes after two stops in the Middle East, where he visited the cradles of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday met with Pope Francis at the Vatican, the first meeting between the two leaders.

Trump greeted Francis in Sala del Tronetto, the room of the little throne, on the second floor of Apostolic Palace. The men shook hands and Trump could be heard saying it was a “very great honor” to be there.

They then posed for photographs and took a seat at the pope’s desk to continue their conversation.

Prior to the handshake, Trump walked toward the Saint Ambrose room, led by Gentlemen of his Holiness, which is a type of honor guard of nobility. The president was joined by his wife Melania Trump, who had a veil on her head, in adherence to Vatican tradition.

The meeting comes midway through his nine-day maiden international journey and after his historic visit to Israel.

Trump appeared moved by his private meeting with Pope Francis, which lasted about 30 minutes, telling the pope that he “won’t forget what you said.”

After the meeting they exchanged gifts, as is the tradition.

The White House noted that Francis spoke about Martin Luther King and his civil rights legacy during his address to Congress in 2015, adding that the gift from the pope “honors Dr. King’s hope, vision, and inspiration for generations to come.”

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Trump gave Francis a bronze sculpture. Named “Rising Above,” the White House says it “represents hope for a peaceful tomorrow.”

The meeting concluded Trump’s tour of the world’s largest monotheistic religions, after meeting Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia last week and after his two day visit to Israel.

Later in the week, Trump travels to Brussels for a NATO meeting and Sicily for a G7 gathering.

By: AP and World Israel News Staff