Turkish paper accuses Chabad of being pro-LGBT Mossad front group

Islamist Turkish newspaper charges that Orthodox Jewish group is working to expand borders of Jewish state in Cyprus, promote LGBT agenda.

By World Israel News Staff

The Orthodox Jewish Chabad organization, which maintains centers throughout the world providing services to local Jewish communities and travelers, is actually a front for Israel’s Mossad spy agency and works to promote the LGBT agenda, according to a Turkish newspaper.

Turkish daily newspaper Millî Gazete reported that Chabad’s chief emissary in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus, Rabbi Chaim Azimov, was part of a large-scale Zionist conspiracy on the island.

Quoting an alleged source from the Northern Cypriot government, the Islamist outlet reported that rather than ensuring locals and Jewish travelers have access to kosher food, mikvehs (ritual baths), and other religious resources, Chabad’s presence in the territory has a far more sinister purpose.

In the article, titled “Chabad is a criminal organization,” the newspaper charged that Chabad “leaks information to Mossad, monitors all military assets” and buys up “land near military areas.”

The organization is working to create a “Greater Israel” that would expand the borders of the Jewish State to include the Turkish-held territory in Cyprus, the outlet asserted.

Overlooking the fact that Chabad maintains a deliberately ambiguous stance on Zionism, the paper also said that the organization is a “Zionist group” that “supports LGBT.”

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As an Orthodox Jewish organization, Chabad promotes traditional Judaism, including the separation of men and women during religious services, and is not supportive of the LGBT movement.

A Turkish rabbi, speaking on condition of anonymity to the Times of Israel, said the report was essentially a compilation of antisemitic tropes commonly heard in the country.

The story is “a loose collection of defamations, in which antisemites used ‘Chabad’ as a stand-in for antisemitic conspiracy theories to make them more palatable,” the rabbi said.

Rabbi Chaim Azimov, who was specifically named in the report, has so far declined to comment.