Turkey’s president calls Netanyahu a ‘vampire’

Erdogan accuses US of abetting Israeli ‘atrocity and barbarism’ in the Gaza Strip, accuses Israel of “genocide.”

By World Israel News Staff

Turkey’s president accused Israel of “vampirism” in its war against the Hamas terror organization, while also taking aim at the United States, the United Nations, Europe, and even moderate Muslim states, claiming they are enabling “genocide” in the Gaza Strip.

Speaking with MPs from his Justice and Development Party (AK Party) during a faction meeting in Ankara Wednesday, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the Jewish state was a global threat, and demanded the U.N. take action to force an end to the Gaza war.

“Israel is not just a threat to Gaza but to all of humanity,” Erdogan claimed, adding “no state is safe unless Israel is made to abide by international law.”

“Zionism is being unmasked all over the world. Young people are beginning to see how Zionism is an unlawful perversion, and I hope this revolution will free the world from the Zionist perversion.”

Referencing a fire which tore through a tent encampment in Tel Sultan, west of Rafah, after the IDF bombed a Hamas command and control center killing two top terrorists, Erdoğan called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “vampire.”

“No ideology sees the burning to death of innocent civilians in their tents as legitimate. The world is watching the barbarism of this vampire called Netanyahu live.”

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The IDF has claimed that the small munitions used in the targeted strike were not capable of sparking the conflagration which subsequently killed 45 Gazans, and has cited communications by locals that the fire was caused by the detonation of a hidden terrorist weapons cache.

Erdoğan also chastised moderate Muslim states which have normalized ties with Israel.

“I have some words to say to the Islamic world: what are you waiting for to take a common decision?”

The Turkish president also directed his ire at the United States for arming the Israeli military, and Europe for failing to intervene.

“America, your hands are also stained with the blood of Palestinians from this massacre.”

“European heads of state and government, you have become complicit in Israel’s vampirism due to your silence.”

Erdoğan even lashed out at the United Nations, saying the spirit of the organization was “dead.”

“The UN cannot even protect its own staff. What are you waiting for to act? The spirit of the United Nations is dead in Gaza.”