Two Arab Israelis charged with providing vital info to Hamas

The suspects are also accused of recruiting terrorists and supplying weapons.


Two residents of the majority Arab Muslim town of Ein Mahil in northern Israel near Nazareth are accused of sending intelligence to the Hamas terrorist organization.

The Israel Security Agency and Israel Police announced the indictments in a joint statement on Sunday morning.

Rami Habibullah, 43, was arrested on Jan. 1. He is suspected of contacting Hamas operatives abroad to provide wartime intelligence to the Gaza-based terror group, which initiated a war against Israel with its bloody mass invasion of the northwestern Negev on Oct 7. According to authorities, he gave Hamas information on a security site near his home so that Hamas could fire rockets or missiles at it.

Habibullah is also alleged to have then recruited local Arab citizens of Israel to join Hamas.

The second suspect, Khaled Saleh, 35, was also arrested. He is accused of being an accomplice to Habibullah in his effort to commit acts of terrorism and agreeing to supply weapons for the attacks.

“This is a serious activity by Israeli citizens who hatched a malicious plan with Hamas operatives while the State of Israel is in the middle of fighting against that terrorist organization,” the statement read.

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“This activity was thwarted in the initial stages, even before the members of the squad had time to execute the plan for terrorist activity inside Israel.”

Man arrested for threatening Netanyahu on TikTok

The Israel Police announced on Sunday morning that a man was arrested as part of an investigation into incitement to the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

Detectives on Sunday morning arrested a 40-year-old resident of Beersheva after a probe was initiated by the cyber unit of Lahav 433, the Israeli law enforcement unit tasked with investigating nationalistic crimes.

The suspect was brought in for questioning before appearing at a hearing on the extension of his detention.