Two Arab-Israelis killed in car crash in Romania

Two Arab-Israelis were killed and three reportedly sustained light injuries in a car accident in Romania.

Two Arab-Israeli men in their 20s were killed in a car accident in Romania on Tuesday morning, the Israeli Foreign Ministry reported.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry identified the two dead Arab-Israelis, both medical students, as Muhammad al-Jabrin, a 23-year old from Lod and Ahmad Dahamsha from Kafr Qana. The Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest will return the bodies to Israel.

Al-Jabrin and Dahamsha were driving with three Arab-Israeli friends, who were injured in the crash, near the capital city, Bucharest.

The accident reportedly occurred as a result of a collision with a car traveling in the opposite direction hurling the Arab-Israelis’ vehicle into a nearby lake. Police in Romania said the Arab-Israelis did not give the right of way.

The three injured were transferred by medical teams to a Bucharest hospital.

There are contradictory reports in Romanian media regarding the condition of the injured. One report suggested all three were resuscitated after their conditions improved. Israel’s Foreign Ministry said they suffered light injuries.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has contacted all of the families. Relatives of the injured have reportedly made plans to fly to Bucharest.

A very similar incident occurred almost a year ago in April of 2016, when two Arab-Israelis were killed in a car accident in eastern Romania.

By: World Israel News Staff