Two armed Palestinian women stopped at Israel crossing

In two separate incidents, Palestinian women with knives were caught trying to cross through a checkpoint into Israel.

By World Israel News staff

Israel Police say that two armed Palestinian women were arrested Sunday on suspicion of planning terror attacks.

A woman from Nablus (Shechem) aroused the suspicion of border police personnel at the Qalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem when she approached the crossing in the vehicle lane instead of the area for pedestrians and refused to stop when called upon to do so, the police said. Security forces detained her after firing in the air, the statement added, finding a knife in her possession.

Earlier in the day, police said a Palestinian woman from the Ramallah area was arrested at the same crossing after Israeli security forces found a knife in her belongings.

Both women were said to have been taken in for questioning by the border police.

Qalandia is the main checkpoint between Samaria and Jerusalem. It is used by the Israeli military to control Palestinian access to east Jerusalem, as well as other parts of Israel.