Arabs Riot in Jaffa, Two Israeli Firefighters Injured

Riots first erupted in Jaffa on Wednesday after an Arab-Israeli resident was fined for violating coronavirus regulations.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

For the second day in a row, Arabs in Jaffa rioted on Thursday by setting trash bins on fire and throwing rocks at Israeli police and fire crews.

Two firemen were injured during the skirmish.

The police managed to quell the riot and arrested a 17-year-old Arab after finding incendiary devices in his possession.

“The police will use all of the means at its disposal to bring to justice violators of the law who, in their violent behavior, constitute a real risk to public life,” the police said in a statement.

On Wednesday, riots erupted in Jaffa after police fined an Arab-Israeli resident for violating coronavirus orders of traveling more than 100 meters from one’s place of residence.

As the scene unfolded, Arab residents threw stones and flammable materials at police officers. Four people were arrested during the fight.

Although demonstrations are permitted under the State’s coronavirus laws, violence will not be tolerated, a statement by the police said at the time.

“A large group of people burned tires and hurled objects hitting police who arrived at the scene. The police will allow the right to protest and freedom of expression, but will not allow violent behavior,” the statement said.

Jaffa’s Arab residents believe the police are enforcing coronavirus violations more forcefully on Arabs than Israelis, reported Ynet.

“The feelings are very tense, the situation in Jaffa is out of control. It has been a month since the tension between police officers and young people has been so severe,” said an Arab resident of Jaffa who was at the scene, as quoted by Ynet.