Two IDF soldiers wounded after sustaining massive gunfire in Judea and Samaria

The troops and additional soldiers returned fire.

By World Israel News Staff

A male and female IDF soldier were moderately and lightly wounded in their legs on Tuesday by massive gunfire directed at them in Judea and Samaria.

The incident took place at the Judea and Samaria Square in the Ramallah district, the IDF reports. A number of rioters fired at IDF troops who were close to the scene, as well as at a commander in the Judea and Samaria Division.

The troops and additional soldiers responded with fire.

The two soldiers were evacuated to Shaare Zedek Hospital for medical treatment and their condition is stable.

Israeli security officials feared that violence which has engulfed a number of Arab-Israeli cities would spread to Judea and Samaria. Their fears have been realized as Palestinians in those territories began rioting late last week.

The riots are part of a “Day of Rage” called for Tuesday by Fatah to protest the IDF presence on the Temple Mount (they were there to break up a riot) and the approaching eviction of Arab squatters from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah (in a case that has dragged through the course for decades).

At the Damascus Gate, the flashpoint where Arab riots began in Jerusalem in mid-April, Arabs again rioted in keeping with the “Day of Rage.”

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“Border fighters called for them to evacuate the area and began using stun grenades to disperse those present. Eight suspects were arrested after attacking police officers and starting riots,” website N12 reports.

Hundreds also demonstrated in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. They shouted support for terrorists, the website says.

A video circulating on social media shows a member of the Palestinian Authority security services calling for Arabs in Judea and Samaria to rise up: “The time has come for the security services and everyone who has weapons in the West Bank to revolt and make Israel pay a high price.”