Two slain in French stabbing attack; Islamist motives suspected

A terrorist in the French city of Marseilles reportedly hollered “allahu akbar” prior to carrying out a fatal stabbing attack.

The St. Charles train station in the southern French city of Marseilles was the scene of a vicious stabbing attack on Sunday afternoon. According to reports by AFP, there is evidence to conclude that an Islamic terrorist carried out the attack.

Specifically, the terrorist reportedly blurted out “allahu akbar” immediately before he stabbed two people to death, reported AFP.

In the wake of the attack, French police warned people to avoid Marseille’s main train station. While Marseille police announced that an operation was “underway” via its Twitter account, few details were being released in the attack’s immediate aftermath.

French television station BFM announced that the terrorist had been eliminated.

These murders are only the latest in a recent wave of Islamic terror that has rocked the continent. Spain recently bore witness to horrific vehicular attacks, which claimed 16 innocent lives. French cities such as Paris and Toulouse have also been struck by terrorist attacks, some of which have specifically targeted French Jews, such as the deadly Hyper Cacher supermarket attack in 2015.

Toulouse was also the scene of a deadly anti-Semtitic terror attack in 2012, when Mohammed Merah attacked a Jewish school and soldiers, leaving seven people dead.

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The rise in Islamic terror in Europe has coincided with a spike in anti-Semitism and an influx of migrants from Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and northern Africa.

By: World Israel News Staff