Two terrorists killed in Gaza by IDF drone, Palestinians report

Two terrorists were reportedly killed early Sunday by an IDF drone near a cemetery in northern Gaza, Palestinian media reported. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Two Palestinian terrorists aged 24 were killed before dawn Sunday by an IDF drone in northern Gaza, according to the Hamas-affiliated Palestinian Information Center.

The IDF neither confirmed nor denied the report. “The IDF does not address foreign reports,” the army stated.

A Palestinian medical source was quoted as saying that “the bodies of two citizens were torn apart during an aerial attack on Jabalia in northern Gaza and were evacuated aboard ambulances to the Indonesian Hospital.”

A local source quoted by the Palestinian Information Center said that the drone fired one missile or more at a target near the ‘Eastern Cemetery’ in Jabalia after midnight on Sunday, but the bodies were not discovered until dawn when ambulances reached the bombed area.

A spokesman for the Palestinian health ministry said that Ayman Annajjar and Muhanad Hammouda were the names of the two men who were killed.

The two were reportedly members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The incident took place after a tense weekend on the border during which three Palestinians were killed during clashes with IDF soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip.

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The three Palestinians killed over the weekend were identified as Moumin al-Hams, 17; Majdi al-Satari, 11, whose age was previously announced as 14; and Ghazi Abu Mustafa, 43.

The IDF said around 7,000 Palestinians participated in violent riots along the border. Protesters hurled rocks, burned tires and attacked troops with pipe bombs, a Molotov cocktail and a grenade. None of the explosives breached the fence.

The IDF said non-lethal means as well as with live fire were used in certain instances to protect the border and control the riots.