US Embassy Ignored Terror Victim’s Body Parts for 4 Years

Shocked over the insensitivity of the US embassy in Tel Aviv towards the family of a victim of Palestinian terror, activist Kay Wilson hopes the new American administration will handle such situations differently.

By: Atara Beck, World Israel News

Kristine Luken, an American tourist in her mid-40s, was murdered in a forest near Jerusalem in December 2010. She and her friend Kay Wilson, a British-born Israeli tour guide, were stabbed by Arab terrorists while resting during a hike on a Saturday afternoon. Wilson was wounded and hospitalized.

On Wednesday, Wilson, now a motivational speaker and activist on behalf of victims of terror, expressed shock on learning that the US embassy, with great insensitivity, phoned Luken’s elderly parents to tell them they have some more body parts that need to be delivered to them or buried. In fact, this call was made four years after Luken’s parents had signed a form that expressed their wishes.

Wilson posted the following on social media:

It is with true grief and rage that I have decided to share this publicly on FaceBook.

The elderly parents of my murdered American, Christian friend (Kristine Luken Z”L) have just emailed me to say, that today, (on their 40th wedding anniversary), they received “a call” from the U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv, Israel to state, “the Israeli mortuary still had parts of Kristine’s body in storage and wanted permission to ship them to us or bury them in Israel.”

Kristine’s parents had signed a form expressing their wishes way back in 2012. Do your math. That is FOUR YEARS AGO! Yet they never responded to this until today.

What a terrible shock for these two, dear grieving elderly parents. And to think that the embassy did not have the common decency to even set up a meeting: a casual call was good enough for these numbskulls.

Ever since the grisly execution of Kristine Z”L, the USA embassy has demonstrated incompetence and acute insensitivity. They could not even provide a translator for the court protocol. I and a friend had to do this while we were sitting just 5 meters away from 2 smirking, yawning, unremorseful, cold-blooded murderers.

‘Not one Palestinian terrorist held accountable’ by U.S. administration

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Aside from the dreadful insensitivity concerning Kristine’s body parts, I want you to know that the American government regard victims of Palestinian terrorism different to other Americans who have been murdered by terrorism. Not ONE Palestinian terrorist has been held accountable for murdering an American citizen. Not one.

I share this on Facebook, not just because I feel it is a terrible miscarriage of justice, but because based on the forlorn history of Kristine’s parent’s correspondence with this incompetent institution if I would have emailed them, I doubt they would even care to respond.

On the bright side, having managed with the help of others to persuade the British government to suspend funding to the Palestinian Authority, this appalling episode at least motivates me to embark on the long road where I am resolved to see the new American government doing the same.

Yes, I have tagged the embassy. I have tagged them so if you comment they will see your righteous disgust, and hopefully they will feel disgraced, remorseful and motivated to change their ways.

(Note: Z”L is an acronym for the Hebrew expression that the memory of the deceased should be a blessing.)