UK activist arrested, jailed for reporting on Muslim ‘grooming gangs’

Hundreds of protesters gathered in London Saturday to protest the arrest of Tommy Robinson for reporting on Muslim “grooming gangs.”

Political activist and independent British journalist Tommy Robinson, who has been active for several years in fighting the spread of Radical Islam in his country, was arrested and taken to prison Saturday while reporting on the case of 10 Pakistani Muslims accused of raping young white girls and participating in “grooming gangs.”

Robinson was standing outside the Leeds Crown Court, from where he asked the accused whether they had any regret for their alleged actions.

During the apparently unexpected arrest, Robinson asked the reason for it. The response included incitement, disturbances and “breaching the peace,” although he was speaking into his phone while reporting and there was no crowd surrounding him.

“Can you get me a solicitor?” he asked his supporters while being searched and bundled into a police van, The Independent reported. “This is ridiculous, I haven’t said a word…I’ve done nothing.” The exchange can also be seen on a livestreamed Facebook post.

Several British media sites, including the Daily Mail, originally reported on the incident but later removed the content, allegedly according to police demands.

Hundreds of protesters on Downing Street clashed with police later in the day, demanding Robinson’s freedom and claiming that the UK was no longer a free country.