UK calls on Israel to conduct ‘independent inquiry’ into Gaza deaths

The British foreign secretary called on Israel to investigate the deaths of Palestinians killed trying to overrun Israel’s border fence in recent months.

By: World Israel News Staff 

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called on Israel Wednesday “to carry out a transparent, independent inquiry” into the circumstances leading to the deaths of about 120 Palestinians and injuries to thousands of others.

“We continue to press both Israel and the Palestinian Authority on the need to refrain from actions which make peace more difficult,” Johnson said.

“Settlement construction is a significant barrier to achieving this goal, as are terrorism, incitement to violence, and the refusal by some to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist,” he added.

British Prime Minister Theresa May also expressed concern “about the loss of Palestinian lives” in Gaza in her meeting with Netanyahu earlier Wednesday. By Hamas’ own admission and a subsequent independent report, the overwhelming majority of the casualties were associated with the organization or other terror groups in the Strip.

Britain “absolutely recognizes” Israel’s right to self-defense against “extremists and terrorists,” May said.

“But with over 100 Palestinian lives lost and a deteriorating situation in Gaza, I hope we can talk about how we can alleviate that situation, and how we can ensure that we can get back to a position where we are able to find a way through to talk about a two-state solution,” May added.