UK newspaper urges tourism to Israel

A British newspaper touts Israel as “country you’d never thought to visit, but really should.”

By: The Algemeiner

People looking for a Mediterranean getaway should “swap ordinary for underrated” and check out Israel, a travel writer for a prominent British newspaper said this week.

“A holiday on the Med usually means Spain, France, Italy, Greece, or — if you’ve grown tired of the above — Croatia, Morocco or Montenegro. But head east — all the way east — and there’s an option that doesn’t often come to mind: Israel,” Soo Kim wrote in The Telegraph on Friday.

Kim went on the cite a number of reasons to visit Israel — including “undiscovered” beaches, “year-round” sun, “thriving” nightlife, “vibrant” food scene and “fascinating” architecture, among others.

She also noted, “With more than 230 museums spread across a relatively small plot of land, Israel is an option for sun seekers who also want culture.”