Ukraine ‘speechless’ over Israel’s movie deal with ‘ruthless’ Russia

“At a time when Russia escalates its attacks in Ukraine every day, Israel is collaborating with this ruthless country.”

By World Israel News Staff

The Ukrainian Embassy in Israel on Thursday slammed an agreement between the Jewish state and Russia signed a day earlier to boost collaboration between the countries’ respective film industries, saying it Jerusalem was aiding Moscow in its propaganda attempts.

“We no longer know how to comment,” the Ukrainian Embassy said in a statement. “On the very same day when a Russian rocket struck a crowded market in Donbas area of Ukraine, once again killing and injuring dozens of innocent civilians, the Israeli Government signed a cooperation agreement in the field of cinema with the Russian propaganda perpetrators.

The agreement took nearly 15 years to come to fruition, a statement by Russia’s Culture Ministry said. According to the terms of the deal, Russia and Israel will jointly produce films and present them at international film festivals.

“At a time when Russia escalates its attacks in Ukraine every day, taking the lives of innocent people, Israel is collaborating with this ruthless country, well known for its cinematic endeavors aimed at spreading war propaganda,” the embassy statement said.

Noting that the international community “isolates Russia to demonstrate that its actions are unacceptable to civilized society,” Israel, on the other hand, is providing the “aggressive” Russians with another platform for the “dissemination of their toxic ideas,” it went on.

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The statement ended with a call to Israel to “finally” focus on the “injustice committed by Russia.”