UN official accuses IDF of using Palestinians as ‘human shields’

UN offical called Hamas’s Oct. 7th atrocities ‘a response to oppression’ and referred to Israelis as ‘colonialists’ with ‘fake identities.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese took to Twitter/X on Saturday night to post an unverified video and accuse Israel of using Palestinians as human shields.

Albanese, who has consistently and unreliably attacked Israel, reposted a video from Nicola Perugini, an international relations lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, showing a person sprawled over a military vehicle, reportedly in Jenin.

On her X post, Albanese wrote, ” #HumanShielding in action. It is flabbergasting how a state born 76 years ago has managed to turn international law literally on its head.”

She continued, “This risks being the end of multilateralism, which for some influential member states no longer serves any relevant purpose. #AnnusHorribilis (Latin for ‘horrible year).”

The IDF has not yet commented on the video or the allegations.

Albanese has a long history of making false allegations against Israel.

She claimed that the mass slaughter of some 1,200 Israelis on October 7th was not fundamentally antisemitic but rather a “response to oppression.”

Albanese slammed French President Emmanuel Macron on X for referring to the Oct. 7th atrocities as being antisemitic in nature.

The “‘greatest antisemitic massacre of our century’? No, Mr. @EmmanuelMacron,” wrote Albanese.

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“The victims of 7/10 were not killed because of their Judaism, but in response to Israel’s oppression,” she added.

Albanese referred to Israelis as “colonialists” who have “fake identities.”

She also tweeted praises for anti-Israel protesters on college campuses, “Hope comes from the ‘Watermelon Revolution’ (if its brave souls allow me to call it such).”

Albanese argued that “this sustained, global Palestinian-driven mobilization is a bold new phase in an ongoing wave of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle against Israel’s decades-old system of occupation, apartheid, and settler-colonialism and for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people to justice, freedom, dignity.”

She then claimed that “Palestinian emancipation” has become “the center of the global struggle for justice, including climate justice, and for human rights and dignity for all, not just a privileged few.”