US ‘day after’ plan revealed, includes PA ruling Gaza and Palestinian state

The second phase of the plan includes normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel. 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with “the Arab Six” at the World Economic Forum in Riyadh a few weeks ago to discuss a “day after” plan for Gaza that includes the release of the hostages and the establishment of a Palestinian State, as reported by Al-Ahkbar, a Hezbollah-affiliated media outlet.

The “Arab Six” includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, the Emirates, Qatar, and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The plan would require a ceasefire in the Gaza war, the return of hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners, the return of the Palestinian Authority to the Gaza Strip, and the establishment of a “technocratic government” consisting of PA members and a committee.

According to some reports, Israel has offered the PA oversight of the Rafah crossing, but the PA refused.

The second phase includes normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel, a process that was in its initial phase before the war began on October 7th.

In addition, Gaza would undergo full reconstruction in this phase, and Israel and the Palestinians would reach agreements about the status of refugees and Palestinian territories with the implementation of a two-state solution.

Also, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) would be revitalized, the Palestinian factions would be reconciled, and a demilitarized Hamas would join the Palestinian unity coalition.

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In February, Sky News Arabia reported that Hamas gave an initial agreement to the formation of a technocratic government for Gaza after the war and said it was open to joining the PLO.

At the Arab League Summit, the king of Bahrain, the host country, called for a Mideast peace conference and the establishment of a Palestinian State.

However, the Israeli cabinet rejected a UN Palestinian statehood resolution last week.

“No reward will be given for the terrible massacre of Oct. 7, which 80% of the Palestinians, both in the West Bank and in Gaza, support,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who initiated the proposal. “We will not allow them to establish a terrorist state from which they can attack us even more,” he added.