US F-35 jets intercept 4 Russian military aircraft near Alaska

“This is the second intercept of Russian aircraft over two days.”

By World Israel News Staff

Two F-35 fighter jets intercepted three Russian military aircraft Thursday near Alaska’s Air Defense Identification Zone, marking the second such incident in two days.

The Russian military aircraft included a TU-95 BEAR-H bomber, and SU-30 and SU-35 fighter jets, Fox News reported.

According to NORAD, the incident was “routine” and not related to other recent aircraft sightings.

“This is the second intercept of Russian aircraft over two days. This Russian activity near the North American ADIZ occurs regularly and is not seen as a threat, nor is the activity seen as provocative,” NORAD said.

Two days earlier, two Dutch F-35s intercepted Russian fighter aircraft near Poland and escorted them out, the Netherlands’ defense ministry said in a statement.

“The then unknown aircraft approached the Polish NATO area of responsibility from Kaliningrad,” according to Reuters’ translation of the ministry’s statement.

“After identification, it turned out to be three aircraft: a Russian IL-20M Coot-A that was escorted by two Su-27 Flankers. The Dutch F-35s escorted the formation from a distance and handed over the escort to NATO partners.”