Republican Senate candidate says party controlled by Jewish lobby

Minnesota GOP Senate candidate Jason Lewis said that the Republican party is controlled by the “Jewish lobby.”

By World Israel News Staff

CNN has uncovered disturbing comments made by Minnesota Republican Senate candidate Jason Lewis.

During a February 2013 episode of The Jason Lewis Show, Lewis said that the Republican party is controlled by the “Jewish lobby,” and has “dual loyalties” to the U.S. and Israel.

Lewis made these comments when a listener asked him to explain America and Israel’s special relationship.

The first reason, he said, is due to Cold War-era loyalties.

The second reason, he said, is due to a very strong American Jewish lobby.

”AIPAC and a very, very strong American Jewish lobby. I don’t say that as a negative. I mean I think they’ve been very proficient and they’re successful people and therefore they’ve got power in Washington. But they do. To deny it is to deny reality,” Lewis said.

The third reason, he said, is due to foreign policy decisions based on religious beliefs.

“And three is religion on the part of Evangelicals – on the part of those who get foreign policy out of the Old Testament – which I think is terrifying to be perfectly honest with you,” Lewis said.

“If you’re saying there’s a biblical command that we send young men and women to die or go to war because of something said so in scripture, how is that any different from what the people we’re fighting are saying?” he added.

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Lewis continued on by saying that the Republican Party will forever be supportive of Israel because of blind dual loyalty.

”They do control the Republican Party right now. The Republican Party is essentially a neoconservative party that believes in unending support for Israel. A blind loyalty towards Israel is the linchpin of being a good Republican.

“And when you get those sort of dual loyalties, what happens when it’s not in America’s best interest?” he said.