US Special Ops helping IDF with hostage rescue: Report

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that the U.S. has “people on the ground” in Israel.

By World Israel News Staff

The U.S. has sent hostage negotiation experts who are part of American special operations forces to Israel, in order to assist with the possible recovery of captives from Hamas in the Gaza Strip, according to reports.

According to a report from The Messenger, U.S. special operations forces “have been placed on alert in a nearby European country,” suggesting that they may travel to Israel to support the rescue of hostages.

However, it appears that U.S. troops will not physically engage in combat against Hamas. Rather, they will serve as advisors and partners in the planning and execution of raids.

An anonymous Pentagon official told CNN that American support does not “entail troops on the ground in Israel.” The assistance will primarily come “in the form of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.”

The official added that Israelis will have access to help from “Central Command and U.S. Special Operations Command, as well as Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which is the command within the military that develops special operations tactics and plans.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a press conference on Tuesday the U.S. has “people on the ground” in Israel, who will aid the Israeli military with “intelligence and planning” for hostage rescue operations.

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Austin added that the U.S. military already has a “liaison cell” in the Jewish State that partners with the IDF’s special operations forces. He emphasized that in addition to an aircraft carrier en route to Israel, the U.S. can also “rapidly deploy other resources into the region.”

“The arrival of these highly capable forces to the region is a strong signal of deterrence should any actor hostile to Israel consider trying to take advantage of this situation,” said Gen. Michael ‘Erik’ Kurilla, who oversees U.S. Central Command, in a press statement.