US to extradite neo-Nazi who targeted Anne Frank’s house

Neo-Nazi to stand trial for projecting antisemitic message on Anne Frank’s house.

By World Israel News Staff

Robert Wilson, a member of the Florida-based “Goyim Defense League” will be extradited to the Netherlands, where he will face trial for projecting an antisemitic message on Anne Frank’s house – now a Holocaust museum.

According to the JTA, Wilson, who was arrested for a homophobic attack on his neighbors in Chula Vista, California, and fled to Canada to avoid trial, is suspected of orchestrating an incident that took place in February of this year during which a message reading, “inventor of the ballpoint pen” was projected onto Anne Frank’s house.

The message is an allusion to a popular conspiracy theory that Frank used a ballpoint pen to writer her famous memoirs – something that could not have taken place since mass-production of the pen began after World War II.

Wilson was also charged with placing an antisemitic banner over the San Diego freeway and posing with antisemitic signs alongside Goyim Defense League founder Jon Minadeo Jr. outside the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Holocaust Museum.

“Unique challenge to new legislature”

Wilson’s trial will present a legal challenge to recently-passed legislation in the Netherlands, which singles out Holocaust denial as illegal hate speech.

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The JTA quoted Willem Wagenaar, an extremism researcher employed by the Anne Frank House, as asking whether the incident can be justified under the country’s “freedom of speech” measures or is “punishable by law.” “It’s in the gray area in between. So we will find out,” he pointed out.

History of Jew-hatred

In June, the Goyim Defense League’s (GDL) leader, Jon Minadeo was arrested during an antisemitic demonstration staged outside a synagogue in Bibb County, Georgia.

The Florida native was charged with disorderly conduct and public disturbance, according to a local CBS affiliate.

Throughout the demonstration he shouted obscenities outside Temple Beth Israel while his followers put up a balloon depicting a gay Jew being lynched. He was later released, the station added.

GDL has organized similar rallies across the US, engaging in provocateur-style protest aimed at garnering public attention for the antisemitic conspiracies it promotes.

In February, GDL crashed the Daytona 500 speedway race, holding up signs that said, “Henry Ford was right about the Jews” and “Communism is Jewish.”