Arab-Israeli killed in road rage incident becomes ‘martyr’ for terrorist groups

Mourners turn road rage victim’s funeral into nationalistic demonstration with calls for revenge and PLO, Hamas flags.

By World Israel News Staff

On Sunday, thousands of mourners attended the funeral of 19-year-old Arab-Israeli Diyar Omri, who was killed during an apparent road rage incident with an Israeli Jewish driver the previous day.

Mourners at the funeral called for vengeance, chanting slogans including “through spirit and blood we will redeem you, oh martyr” and “your blood will not be in vain.”

Both the Palestinian flag and the flag of the Hamas terrorist group were waved at the funeral.

The funeral was held in the northern village of Sandala, Omri’s hometown, where residents called for a one-day general strike to protest Omri’s killing.

This incident has heightened tensions between Israeli Jews and Arabs in the area, and has prompted threats from Palestinian Arab terror groups like Hamas.

The suspected shooter, 32-year-old Denis Mukin, was identified by Israeli police on Sunday.

Mukin has been remanded for a week pending further investigation. Tests indicated he was intoxicated during the road rage incident, which ended when he fired several shots at Omri.

Mukin has pleaded self-defense, claiming that he felt his life was in danger.

However, a police detective has stated that Mukin’s account does not fit video footage of the incident that circulated on social media.

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Mukin’s lawyer argued that he was afraid that the victim would produce a weapon to attack him when he ran to his vehicle during the confrontation.