Violence during 11th week of anti-government protests

Clashes broke out between protesters and police in Jerusalem.

By World Israel News Staff

A spate of violent incidents took place as estimated 200,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv and other cities in Israel on Saturday night for the eleventh week in a row, to protest against the government’s controversial plan to overhaul the country’s left-leaning judiciary.

A man in his sixties in Herzliya was arrested on suspicion of running over a protester’s foot with his car, injuring him lightly.

Surrounding protesters managed to stop the driver, who had exited his vehicle and tried to attack the protester. He was later arrested.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, clashes broke out between protesters and police as some of the demonstrators tried to break through barriers by the Prime Minister’s house.

Three people in Or Akiva were arrested on suspicion of hurling eggs at protesters.

A man in his twenties was arrested on suspicion of assault after he rode a motorcycle into a crowd of protesters in Givatayim.

In Tel Aviv, demonstrators heading towards the main protest in Kaplan Street chanted, “Israel is not yet Iran.”

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Bedouins protested for the first time in the Negev, Ynet reported. Signs at their protest near Beersheba read “This is our home,” “Equal rights and democracy for all” and “Partnership of Jews and Arabs.”

National Unity leader MK Benny Gantz addressed the protest in Herzliya. “[Justice Minister Yariv] Levin really believes in what he is doing; but when you give too much power to the government, you are on a slippery slope – and the danger will only increase. They keep trying to engage in political manipulations. For now they want to make a ‘small appointment, three judges and we’ll stop.’ I say no tricks and no twists, there is a presidential outline, let’s talk based on it. Stop and we’ll talk, very simple, there are no other arrangements. Just stop and talk.”

Protest organizers announced a “national paralysis day” for Thursday to coincide with Netanyahu’s scheduled flight to London and to include the disruption trains, buses and taxis.