Walmart pledges $1 million to Israel’s Red Cross

Calling the Hamas attack “horrific and inhuman,” the company’s philanthropic arm said it would show its support for Israel by helping to save lives.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Walmart’s philanthropic arm announced Friday that it would be sending Israel’s Red Cross $1 million in response to the “horrific and inhuman” Hamas attack on Israel October 7 that set off the ongoing war that Israel declared in order to destroy the terrorist organization.

“As you all know, throughout these horrific and inhuman attacks by Hamas, Magen David Adom has played a critical role in providing medical aid to victims,” said the statement by the Walmart Foundation to is business associates. “To show support for all persons affected by these tragedies in the region, the Walmart Foundation is committing $1m. in funding to MDA for emergency services to save lives.”

In the Saturday attack, terrorists massacred 1,400 men, women, and children in communities in the Gaza envelope and injured thousands.

The vast majority of adults murdered were civilians in their homes and at a dance rave. Israel has shown the world proof of families being burned alive, babies decapitated, and other war crimes committed by both armed fighters and Gazan civilians who poured into the villages in a second wave to murder and loot.

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The multinational corporation has strong ties to Israel through Walmart Global Tech, its team of software engineers, data scientists, cybersecurity experts and product management professionals who work together to improve customers’ retail experience without leaving their home countries.

Its Israeli associates include Zeekit, Aspectiva and Team8, and the foundation offered them unqualified support.

“These attacks have directly and tragically impacted us, our friends, and our families,” the statement said. “But Walmart Global Tech Israel is not alone. We are part of a resilient Israeli tech ecosystem that stands strong and proud during these tough times, and we are part of a global Walmart family who share the same values and commitment to our customers, members, and one another. It is these characteristics that strengthen us, even at times of great difficulty.”

The large donation comes in addition to a $1 million the foundation pledged on October 18 to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

CEO Doug McMillon posted on LinkedIn that the contribution was a reaction to the “increase in antisemitic speech and hate crimes” in the United States.

The ADL has reported that in the first two weeks following the deadliest assault on the Jewish people since the Holocaust, antisemitic hate crimes shot up 388% in America.

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The donation will fund more outreach programs to educate people about the Holocaust and its impact, as well as “the dangers of antisemitism in order to inspire people to confront hate and promote human dignity,” McMillon said.