WATCH: Arab-Israeli media star blasts Kuwait for anti-Israel discrimination

Arab-Israeli Nuseir Yassin, a Harvard graduate famous for his daily one-minute videos, blasts Kuwait for refusing to allow him to fly through the country on his way to India from New York only because he’s an Israeli.

this is not okay.

This is not okay.I said my two cents in the video. Here is the rest of the story: This is not the airline's fault. Don't blame Kuwait Airways. The people that work there were nothing but nice to me and my girlfriend. In fact, they even helped us with our visa to India. They also paid up to put me in a different airline just so I can get to my final destination. Alyne got on their flight with no problems. I didn't lose money here. They just have to work by the laws of the country. And the laws of their country, Kuwait, are what pissed me off. Not the airline.The laws of Israel do not explicitly ban anyone from entering Israel, but they also make it hard enough to get a visa if you're coming from Kuwait. That's also not okay. I am sick of being in the middle of a never ending conflict. Some Arab countries don't like me because I am Israeli, and some Israelis don't like me because I am also Palestinian. It's a lose-lose situation. The only win in my life was to move to the US….LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram! Music: Skyline by Meizong

Posted by Nas Daily on Sunday, October 1, 2017