WATCH: CUNY law school graduate’s antisemitic commencement speech met with huge applause

The antisemitic, vitriolic commencement speech by CUNY law school graduate and anti-Israel activist Fatima Mousa Mohammed earlier this month “is even worse than last year’s hate spewed by Nerdeen Kiswani,” tweeted S.A.F.E. CUNY, adding that “CUNY Law, under state investigation, tried to hide this video.”

Mohammed’s hate speech was met with enthusiastic applause.

S.A.F.E. CUNY advocates for Zionist Jews systemically discriminated against and excluded by CUNY and its union.

“Imagine being so crazed by hatred for Israel as a Jewish State that you make it the subject of your commencement speech at a law school graduation. Anti-Israel derangement syndrome at work,” tweeted New York Congressman Ritchie Torres.