WATCH: Did Gaza rocket barrage target ceremony for captured soldier?

IDF officials believe that three rockets fired from Gaza at Kibbutz Kfar Aza near the Israeli border, in broad daylight on Friday, may have been launched to disturb a ceremony marking what would have been the 24th birthday of an IDF soldier killed in 2014 and whose remains Hamas refuses to release.

The video clip begins with a song in honor of the fallen soldier, Oron Shaul, and just after the song finishes, two and half minutes into the clip, a loudspeaker announces a red alert for incoming missiles, two of which were intercepted by “Iron Dome,” while a third damaged an empty building.

באמצע טקס לציון יום הולדת 24 לאורון שאול ז״ל ״צבע אדום״. לאחר מכן אמרתי על הבמה שהיינו חייבים להמשיך בטקס. בשביל אורון

Posted by ‎חיים ילין – Haim Jelin‎ on Friday, December 29, 2017