WATCH: Hezbollah bombards northern Israel with nonstop rocket attacks; Qatrin and Safed hit hard

Sirens blared across the Galilee and the northern and central Golan Heights on Thursday afternoon, alerting residents to incoming threats.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that approximately 40 projectiles were launched towards these regions.

The IDF’s Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted many of these projectiles, although some managed to land and ignite fires in the area.

In Qatzrin, located in the Golan Heights, two people sustained minor injuries from shrapnel and received treatment from Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency medical teams. Additionally, several fires broke out due to falling missiles, prompting firefighting units to respond.

A Hezbollah source said the attack was the organization’s largest since October 8th. The source stated the attack, involving 30 drones targeting 15 Israeli military installations in the Galilee and Golan, was a response to the killing of senior commander Sami Taleb Abdullah on Tuesday.

Yehuda Dua, head of the Qatzrin Council, urged the national leadership to address the severe escalation in the north, expressing frustration over Hezbollah’s activities in the region. “Israel, wake up. It cannot be that the entire north is Hezbollah’s playing field,” he said.

In response to the intense bombardment and constant sirens, the city of Safed announced an early end to the school day.

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