WATCH: Israeli scholar tells Al Jazeera, ‘We are nobody’s dhimmis!’

Bar-Ilan University Professor Mordechai Kedar, a prominent scholar of Arabic, Islam and the Middle East, lets Al Jazeera have it, going on the offensive about Israel’s right to sovereignty over Jerusalem and denying any truth to Islamist claims about Jews and the history of the Middle East.

Mordechai Kedar dropping truth bombs in Arabic on Al Jazeera

This is just so good I had to make my own edit. I've moved some stuff around and most importantly I've added a word to the subtitles. Dr Kedar most definitely says "We (the Israeli Jews) are nobody's dhimmis!". The original English translation missed this vital phrase.Dhimmitude: the condition of non-Mulims ruled by Muslims. This is the reason they're upset with Israel's existence. We went from being dhimmi subjects under Islam to free Jews and they'll never, ever accept that.More on the edit: I took the opening and the first long bit in Arabic by the other guest and stuck that on the end. That's what make Dr Kedar laugh as it comes to him at the beginning of my clip.

Posted by Brian of London on Sunday, December 24, 2017