WATCH: Netanyahu departs for ‘most important security conference in the world’

Upon his departure for Munich Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on behalf of the entire people of Israel, expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the slain school children and teachers in the horrible massacre in Florida.

He then continued in Hebrew, saying: “I am leaving now for the most important security conference in the world – the Munich Security Conference. I will present proof of Iran’s involvement in the recent events in the north and I will reiterate our determination to defend ourselves by ourselves – without any restrictions – against any threat.”

Asked about Turkey’s relationship with Iran, Netanyahu said, “What is not new is Iran’s ties with Turkey as well as with the Palestinians. That is nothing new. What has changed is that Turkey has such close ties with Israel.”

Regarding the current police probe, the prime minister said, “My wife and I are thrilled – there’s no other word for it – by the support, the sympathy, and the warmth that so many Israeli citizens have shown us,” since the police recommended his indictment Tuesday evening.

He vowed to continue to serve the State of Israel “responsibly and with determination and from a deep sense of security, because I’m certain that in the end, the truth will win.”