WATCH: Netanyahu responds to critics of nation-state law

The Knesset passed the controversial Nation-State Law, giving additional legal weight to Israel’s uniquely Jewish character. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to critics who claim the new law is discriminatory against Arabs and other minorities.

The State of Israel is Jewish and democratic

The State of Israel is Jewish and democratic.I am proud of the vibrant democracy we have built in our ancestral homeland. Israel grants equal rights to all citizens regardless of religion, race, nationality or gender. We are strong not in spite of our diversity; we are strong because of our diversity.The Nation-State Law defines the rights of the Jewish people to self-determination in Israel. It also maintains the rights of all Israeli citizens, Jews and non-Jews alike, to preserve their culture, their heritage, their language and their identity.The new law affirms Israel’s commitment to preserving the bond between Israel and Jews around the world. The unity of our people is a key source of our strength. Israel will continue to be a home for all Jews, no matter where you are from or how you pray.Israel’s democracy will always continue to flourish. For that, we can all be proud.

Posted by The Prime Minister of Israel on Thursday, July 19, 2018