WATCH: Palestinian prisoners escape from Hebron jail

It appears that the escapees from a PA detention center were being held on criminal charges, not for terrorism.

By World Israel News Staff

“‘Muhammad’, one of the six detainees who escaped this morning [Monday] from the “Qal’a” detention center in Hebron, has released a video demanding that the PA police return the 100,000 Jordanian dinars he paid as a bribe to secure his release from prison and clear him of the false accusations he was facing,” according to a post published and translated by Telegram blogger Abu Ali Express.

“Now, having successfully escaped from jail and reportedly making his way to a gas station, likely in Israeli territory, he has given the Hebron police a seven-day ultimatum to return his bribe money, threatening to release the names of those who accepted the bribe if they fail to do so.”

It appears that the escapees were not security prisoners; rather, they were likely being held on criminal charges, judging from the lack of widespread interest in this development and the claim by ‘Mohammad’ that points to Palestinian corruption.

As per the Hebron Protocol of 1997, Hebron was divided into two sectors. Roughly 20% of the city, including the Jewish neighborhoods is under Israeli administration, while 80% is run by the Palestinian Authority and is a hotbed of terrorism.