WATCH: Pallywood star confesses to libeling IDF

Mohammed Tamimi, 15, is seen in this video claiming that his severe head injury in December 2017 was the result of an IDF bullet.

Tamimi was among 16 terror suspects arrested overnight Sunday in Nabi Saleh in Samaria. His teenage cousin, Ahed Tamimi, known for spreading anti-Israel propaganda through ‘Pallywood’ clips, was arrested in December after being filmed assaulting an IDF officer; she currently faces charges in a military court, where she claims she was reacting to the violence afflicted on Mohammed.

On Monday, the head of the IDF’s Coordination of Government Activities in the​ Territories (COGAT), posted on social media: “Lo and behold, today Tamimi himself admitted to the police and COGAT officials that in December he was injured while riding his bike and was hit by bicycle handlebar during a fall from the bike. The Palestinian culture of falsehoods and incitement is relentless among the Tamimi family.”

Records from the boy’s visit to the Istishari Hospital in Ramallah, released by the Tamimi family, contradict Mordechai’s claim. International media is reporting the contradiction as evidence that Mohammed was indeed severely wounded by the IDF bullet, ignoring the fact that the hospital is located in the Palestinian Authority-ruled area, where freedom of expression is suppressed.