WATCH – ‘Protect the Jew’: Antisemitic tirade at Maryland House of Delegates

“Jews have the traditional history of making claims of being victims when they’re actually in many cases victimizers.”

By World Israel News Staff

Black nationalist and former Homeland Security worker Ayo Kimathi launched an antisemitic tirade at an official hearing of the Maryland House of Delegates Judiciary Committee against legislation advancing a Hate Crimes Grant Fund, saying it was “Protect the Jew” bill.

“This is in a group of bills that are very disturbing and concerning to me. I call them the ‘Protect the Jew’ bills,” Kimathi said.

“Jews have the traditional history – this is what they do – of making claims of being victims when they’re actually in many cases victimizers,” Kimathi said. “So it’s a problem when Jews are the ones making these decisions because the only people they’re looking out for – like these bills – are only for Jews.”

Ayo Kimathi was fired from his job at Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) for managing a racist and antisemitic website on the side called War on Horizon.

“Since we are the most valuable people alive and there is no need for this planet’s existence without us, it is time for us to prepare for the international war for Black survival,” his website stated.

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“In order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count,” it went on.