Weekly anti-gov’t protest continues, but toned down in wake of Jerusalem terror

This week’s left-wing protest was different from previous demonstrations, as it was held in the wake of a deadly terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue.

By World Israel News Staff

Ten of thousands of Israelis continued their weekly Saturday night protest in Tel Aviv against the new government’s plans for judicial reform, but this week the event began with a moment of silence and candle-lighting in memory of the victims of the deadly terror attack Friday night at a Jerusalem synagogue.  Seven people were killed and three wounded.

Unlike the previous weeks, there was no music played.

Former Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich announced that he would not speak at the demonstration as planned.

“This rally is also for the fight against terrorism and maintaining Israel’s security,” former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon said at the protest.

“Terrorism can only be defeated together – only when together we build an iron wall of determination and strength. This iron wall only exists when many are ready to mobilize and sacrifice their lives.

Claiming the Netanyahu government would turn Israel into a dictatorship, he claimed the reforms not only endanger the economy and important civil rights, but are also an “existential danger to Israel’s security.”

Smaller rallies were held in Jerusalem and Haifa.