Did Western officials take bribes to pass Iran nuclear deal?

An Iranian official has threatened to expose the names of the Western officials who took bribes to pass the nuclear deal.

By: World Israel News Staff

An Iranian official has threatened to expose the names of the Western officials who took bribes to support the nuclear deal, several sources are reporting.

Hossein Jaberi Ansari, senior assistant to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, reportedly said that if the Europeans stop trading with Iran and do not put pressure on the US to remain in the agreement, then Iran will reveal which Western politicians received bribes and how much money they had received during negotiations to make the Iran deal happen.

Last week, President Donald Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear accord, which was ostensibly designed to keep Tehran’s atomic weapons program in check.

Prior to the US pullout from the deal and surrounding Trump’s dramatic announcement, former Secretary of State John Kerry had been working feverishly against the Trump administration in an attempt to salvage the agreement, for which he was the chief negotiator.

Most recently, Kerry was spotted on Saturday at a secret meeting with three Iranian officials in Paris.

This news also coincides with the sudden resignation of the United Nations nuclear watchdog’s top inspector, just as the agency’s work in Iran is once again in focus.

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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) provided no reason for the sudden resignation of Tero Varjoranta, stating Saturday that it does not comment on confidential personnel matters. Varjoranta held that position for almost five years.

The IAEA, which is in charge of making sure Iran complies with the 2015 deal, released several reports saying that Iran was continuing to abide by the deal’s key measures.

The Israeli NZIV news site surmised that all these events may be tied to the alleged bribery scandal, that Kerry is acting like a person who has everything in the balance, and that IAEA official may have been on the take or may have resigned after discovering the extent of the corruption.